Monday, August 13, 2012

Catholics Need To Wake Up NOW!

The wait is over. We finally know who the running mate is going to be for Mitt Romney. And I think this could be a very good thing for Catholics and our country.

But first, the Catholics of this country have got to make a decision - are you or are you not going to follow Church teaching on abortion, birth control and gay marriage? If not, then the country is doomed, because Romney can't win without the help of faithful Catholics who will stand up for God.

What is a faithful Catholic? Is it someone who goes to mass every weekend just because they have to or do we go because we love it? And if we love it, are we willing to follow all of the Church's teachings or are we going to remain unwaivered over what God is commanding of us?

See, to support abortion or gay marriage goes against Scripture and is a sin. Everyone old enough to read knows what "Thou Shalt Not Kill" means. But does everyone know that God calls the homosexual act an abomination? You would if you read scripture. If not, then maybe it's time to start.

Paul Ryan has been labeled a devout Catholic. With him and Romney in office, we will be assured that our religious freedom will not be taken away from us, because if Obama wins again, that is exactly what is going to happen. The final stamp will be put on the 'no religious freedom' portion of the first amendment and it'll go on from there because now there will be no reason for Obama to hold back on his 'executive' authority.

We also need our Bishops and Priests to fall back in line with Church doctrine and stand UP for it. I would think by now the clergy who are in the upper end of the heirarchy of the Catholic Church would be the first ones to cry foul when this country makes what is evil, good, and keep fighting for it, no matter the cost. We need our bishops to tell the priests to defend and preach the teachings of the Church at Mass. And this is not being done every where. Why?

I think one reason is because people don't want to be reminded of sin. Well why not? Do we or do we not want to go to heaven? And what is the first thing we learn in our Catechism/CCD classes? We learn that we need to receiving sanctifying grace to go to heaven and to keep our souls free from sin. This means receiving Holy Communion. But, we must receive Holy Communion in a worthy manner and that means, people, going to confession often. 50 years ago people knew that if they had mortal sin on their soul, they could not receive communion and people would sit in the pew and not receive. They would rather sit in the pew than have their sin forgiven. Boggles my mind. We don't see that anymore and you can't tell me that there is not one person at Mass who doesn't have some sort of mortal sin on their soul. I mean, if that is true, then we'll all be in heaven? But we KNOW that is not true. Yet people still refuse to go to confession. By doing this we are offending God, and as Mary has stated over and over, "God is already much offended". How can we do this to Him and at the same time think that we love Him?

Catholics, this is our chance to set things right in this country. The cup is running over with our sins and our country isn't exempt from sinful actions.

This election season, we need to pray and pray hard that we do what God wants us to do - and that is support the republican ticket and make this country whole again. Who knows, maybe Romney will become Catholic after all of this. God is on our side. We need to be on His. Always. It is His commandments we are breaking when we support these evil actions and yes, I consider artificial birth control an evil action right up there with everything else, because it shows that the couple do not put God first in their life and trust in HIM to decide how many children we have or don't have. Not only that, some of them cause abortion - a huge mortal sin.

This may be our last chance and we need to support these two men, no matter how much our pride hurts in coming to the realization that we need to obey God and not man. Do we love the Holy Catholic Church or don't we? And do we love our country or don't we? Do we want to continue down the slippery slope to hell or do we want to prepare ourselves to meet God in an immaculate way that only the Sacraments can provide?

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